Time Schedule Of Work

The time schedule of works normaly take 2 – 4 weeks but it is depend on complexity and diffuculty of the drawing, enclose to the table on the last page.

How it’s Works.
How it’s works mean step by step of the progress :

* Have a Meeting to discuss the project. => First day.
* Our Architect will discuss to you about the floorplan as well. => Three days latter.
* When it is agreed , sign SPK ( Surat Perintah Kerja) or Agreement letters . => Four days latter.
* When the floorplan was agreed , go the next level make the façade ( elevation ) drawing and discuss it. => Six days latter.
* When the floorplan and façade or elevation are fix, that we go to start the 3D image rendering. => Ten days latter.
* When the 3D image rendering are approved, than our team  continue to start working all the working papers drawing document. => Need one week to finish all the working drawing complate